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Monetization has always been an important part of any blog, thus Adpress WordPress Ad Manager comes into play. Often, it’s a challenge to handle the advertisement area of a blog especially if the advertisers are running after the free ad spaces (if a blog is very popular).

The handling part can be considered to be a ‘challenge’ because if you want to rotate ads, have unusual banner sizes or be very punctual and add/remove the banners at exact times, you’ll need to give much time to the blog. Well, this plugin is made to reduce your efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the features.

Features – Adpress WordPress Ad Manager

As always, mentioned below are a few great features of the plugin. All the others can be found at the plugin’s homepage.

Several Selling Options

Buyers don’t just want the number of pageviews. They also want something else – clicks and conversions. Therefore, the plugin handles ads in three different ways, namely –

  • Duration (number of days the ad will be live, and then be removed automatically)
  • Page views (after the ad receives the specified number of page views, the ad is removed automatically)
  • Clicks (after the ad gets the specified number of clicks, it is removed automatically).

Therefore, you can sell with what you have the best – clicks, page views, or just days if nothing else.

Paypal Integration with Auto/Manual Approval

The plugin supports payments by Paypal. Therefore, if the buyers want to buy the ads instantly without contacting the site owner, they surely can. All they have to do is to submit the required (image, links, title etc.) for the ads. The ad can then be automatically approved, or manually approved by the site owner.

Accurate Analytics, With Client Access

The plugin comes with an in-built analytics program which tracks page views and clicks (both unique and total) for every individual ad. Not only are the stats visible to the administrators, but also to the clients (if permitted by the site owner). This helps the clients to track the stats and decide whether to continue further or not.


Yes – you’re not limited to having one ad at a time. With Adpress WordPress Ad Manager, you can offer multiple ads at one spot. Ads can be rotated for every pageview. Of course, this will divide the pageviews amongst all the ads, but you can handle multiple clients at the same time without any stress because the price will also be divided amongst the clients.


Regular License – $35 (Download Plugin)


Adpress WordPress Ad Manager is indeed great for blogs/sites that have a tremendous flow of traffic, and a good reach of advertisers.

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