5 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins in 2017

Any WordPress based site/blog needs to integrate a contact form/feedback form for the visitors to contact the site-owner or the author(s). This requirement becomes very high for blogs that receive a lot of traffic and are providing help (tips, tutorials, news etc.) to the readers. That’s because visitors/readers often get back to the site-owner with their questions/feedback/comments/offers/deals etc.

All this leads to a need of having good-looking and good-functioning contact forms so that many options can be integrated into the forms. Options such as Radio Buttons, CheckBoxes, Attachement Option etc. are the common ones while Conditional Logic Fields, Responsiveness etc. are the special ones. Following are five exceptionally high-performing WordPress contact form plugins that you can use to integrate stunning contact forms into your site pages/posts/other parts.

1) Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms is probably the best WordPress Contact Form Plugin currently available. It is not only preferred as the best option by bloggers and web-entrepreneurs, but also by the industry’s giants such as Yoast.com, CopyBlogger etc. This plugin’s features are countless. Some are mentioned below.

  • Visual Form Builder – drag-n-drop any part of the form to build it
  • Pre-Made Fields – so that you don’t need to write the field names yourself
  • Conditional Fields – high functionality without the need to write any code. Example – “Show XYZ field if Option 4 is checked“.
  • Order Forms – If you’re selling products and need your buyers to choose a particular thing, Gravity Forms will help you achieve that
  • Professional Notification – Get an email when a form is submitted. Same goes for the users (who submit the form).

Apart from those features, there are several features such as custom styling (using CSS) and pre-integrated themes for using the forms.

2) QuForm WordPress Form Builder


QuForm is one of the most sold WordPress Contact Form Plugins on CodeCanyon. The sales count reaches 7100+ which surely says that the plugin is indeed loved by the users. It’s not only the sales count that defines the plugin, because the ratings speak for themselves as well. The average rating for the plugin is 4.75/5 from about 1107 users, meaning that about 16% of the users actually wanted to rate the plugin for its capabilities. Following are some of its features –

  • Easy Drag-n-Drop Form Builder
  • View Submitted Forms In The Dashboard
  • Conditional Logics (e.g. – “If this is the case, then do that, else do something else” )
  • LightBox Enabled
  • Easy Attachments
  • Fifteen (15) Ready-to-Use Themes Included – custom styling enabled

Those were just a few features of the plugin. The plugin is highly famous for its easy-to-use user interface which attracts a lot of beginners to set-up their forms without possessing any knowledge of HTML or CSS (and even JS).

3) FlexForms – Ajax Form Builder


FlexForms is one of the new WordPress contact form plugins, but it is no less than a highly experienced and used plugin. That’s because the plugin possesses very high and advanced functionality that plugins like QuForm possess. Following are some of the features of the plugin, but note that these are just some of the features. There are many more which can be found at the plugin’s homepage.

  • Drag-n-Drop Form Builder – helps you create your forms in seconds.
  • Usage of shortcodes to place the forms
  • Easily place the forms and align them as per you wish – left, right or center.
  • Ability to create the forms directly from the post editor.

As mentioned before, those were just some of the features of FlexForms. Being based on Ajax, the forms hardly take any time to load. This factor also helps you achieve good results in SEO, unlike other plugins which highly rely on JavaScript which increases the plugin’s load time.

4) nForms – Form Builder


Not so new, not so old – but one of the very great plugins that can help you have beautiful contact forms into your WordPress based site. Doesn’t matter where you want the forms to be – nForms can be integrated any place into your blog. Be it the sidebar or footer, or be it anywhere between a post/page – nForms can be injected there.

If you’re familiar with editing your theme files, you can then integrate the form(s) to any place within your entire side – options are countless. Also, the forms are completely responsive hence if you have a responsive WordPress theme, you can surely go for this plugin without worrying about your site’s design.

5) Simple Contact Slider


As the name suggests, the plugin helps you insert simple, uncomplicated yet beautiful forms into your WordPress posts/pages. The plugin comes in with 10 pre-made templates which are completely different from each other. Hence, you can have differently styled forms around your site.

The plugin seamlessly integrates with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor newsletter services – hence making email marketing more simpler, efficient and powerful for your site.

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