3 Best WordPress Mobile Plugins in 2017

Although there are quite a few best wordpress mobile plugins, not all are worth investing into. This article, thus, discusses about 3 plugins that will convert your site into a mobile-friendly site within no time.

Having a mobile friendly site is not any ‘feature’ nowadays, as it is more of a requirement. With the current rising level of technology, it can be easily seen that the usage of mobile browsers is tremendously increasing. That being said, a site having a mobile-friendly is indeed a need for any site-owner. Following are three best wordpress mobile plugins that will help you convert your WordPress site/blog into a mobile-friendly version within seconds.

Obox Mobile WordPress Plugin


Obox Mobile comes with three stunning themes, which are fully customizable in such a way that new child themes can be easily created. Furthermore, such childthemes can be exported and sold! One great feature of this plugin is the featured slider that comes with it. The slider is definitely responsive, therefore making it extremely easy for any mobile viewer to navigate thorough several featured posts. The plugin surely supports monetization in the form of ads. Ad networks such as Google Adsense etc. are all supported by the plugin.

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Handheld Mobile Plugin


Developed by the experts at Elegant Themes, this plugin is a winner! It stands out from the crowd not only because of its feature of letting the user choose ANY color that he/she prefers, but also because of providing several other features. Options to rearrange and style the navigation menu, change and tweak the layout of the mobile version of the site are just some of the best features of this plugin. Integration of AJAX ‘load-more’ button just makes the plugin better.

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WP Touch PRO


The premium version of the widely used WP Touch plugin is counted to be one of the best WordPress Mobile Plugins since the recent past. Users are loving the free version of the plugin, hence the exquisite of the premium version is beyond imagination. Not only does the plugin convert your WordPress site into a mobile-friendly site, but also creates a web-app for the same! Thus the users can have your blog right on the homepage – with push notifications for every update! There are countless number of features – all inside the review.

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Those were 3 outstanding and best wordpress mobile plugins. If you have more, do not hesitate to let us know about the same using the comments section.

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