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If you want to improve your marketing aptitude and wanted to know about each and every pros of cons of a said website then KeywordSpy is the best choice for you. Everybody knows that KeywordSpy is the largest keyword research technology and competitive astuteness for the search engine advertisers.


KeywordSpy is filled with lots of important features which help to know about your outer world’s competition.

Competitive astuteness:

It is known to all that you can SPY on your competitor through the keywordSpy. You can have a by and large idea about the position of the competitors by just one simple tool.
ROI Indicator:

By using only a single tool one can see the ad-copy and keyword combination of the competitors. You can monitor the ups and downs of the competitors.

Keyword search:

I think keyword is the main maxim in considering an article. You can use a profitable list of keywords in comparing with your opponents.

Daily Updates:

You can get precise data by using keywordSpy where you can compare any real time information with your opponent.

Advance Searches:

Advance searches include Domain, Keyword, Destination url and copy content by which the searching option gets easily into your hands.

Market Reports:

As it is being told earlier that it is the combination of all pros and cons; here one thing is that you can easily survey the market of online websites. You can monitor which websites are in the top ranking section and who are ruling in the top most area by the power vested by the advertising campaign.

Budget Statistics:

You can monitor where you are spending. Especially you can monitor the ad campaign which you have benchmarked for your top ranking websites.

Advanced Metrics:

Metrics usually refers to the volume, cost per price etc. You can add a little tool to monitor the cost per click, search volume or other precious metrics.