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Elegant Themes call their Divi Builder plugin the “ultimate page builder plugin”. All the rave reviews notwithstanding, this plugin has proven to be a boon for professionals as much, or probably more than its original target newbie audience.

Elegant Themes Divi Lifetime Discount Code

Why? Two words- speed and flexibility. This plugin works its magic by automating and simplifying most of the boring’ development work into a clean, rich interface and then offers flexibility to add custom classes and CSS to each individual part. Across all frameworks and themes, including Genesis. And the support has rave reviews of its own!

The result? Lightning fast turn-around times and unhindered, unlimited flexibility in working with any theme in the WordPress ecosystem, at a pretty affordable price.

Get up to 20% off in celebration of the divi builder 2.0! Divi Builder is now on sale at up-to 20% off the standard elegant themes price(for both yearly subscription as well as lifetime access plans). Check it out and see if it’s worth adding to your arsenal. We’ll highlight our favorite parts below:

Modular and Update- friendly (thank God!)

If you do this for a living, searching for convenience shouldn’t have to be at the expense of being stuck to one theme and/or framework. Divi Builder basically builds pages as a collection of modules’ –building blocks fully customizable with CSS- that then just go into a slot’ of custom dimensions on the page. This allows for unlimited and super-easy creativity with every single page.

That customizability is repeatable and update-friendly. Because your customizations can be based in classes and CSS within the modules themselves and not the theme, updating the theme is a breeze without worrying about breaking the customizations.

Infinite layouts and Themes

Every Layout in Divi Builder consists of stackable rows with each row and each column capable of custom dimensions. Customized modules can be dropped in anywhere on the layout. This allows you to rapidly build any number of different layouts for different pages which can then be dropped into any theme of your choice.

Since the modules themselves are easily customizable and the plugin provides 46 routinely used categories spanning Email Opt-ins, Comments, Maps, Contact Forms, Blog sections(put them anywhere on the page!) Graphs, Galleries and Images, Call To Actions, embeddable code, Audio player etc.(Check out the full list on Elegant Themes’ website), putting together a high-quality, completely original page layout for any number of pages is a breeze.

Optimized for Full-Width use

Divi Builder provides customized sections for full-width pages, which simplify creating innovative pages easily and coherently with the rest of the site. For example, you can put a full-width Maps section to give your site a high-quality added bonus that meshes perfectly with the styling for the rest of the site. Check out their website for the full list of customizable full-width sections.


All of these mean nothing in a production environment when you’ve got a deadline and need a query answered fast. That’s where Divi Builder’s fantastic support and community shine. Elegant Themes’ large user base of over 400,000 users and fantastic community support for DB ensure that support isn’t going to get you stood up when you need help.

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