3 Best Free WordPress Security Plugins

With the growing technology, it is unquestionable that WordPress is becoming more secure. But this does n’t mean that the professional hackers cannot do anything about it. There are professional and expert hackers out there who’s only job is to mess with popular sites. Even though your site might not be very popular, there are chances that it might be targeted by hackers  as well. If not expert ones, then the beginners.

However, there is something that needs to be done in order to prevent such attacks. Well, with WordPress, the only thing required is to install a plugin. Following are three outstanding free WordPress security plugins that will protect your blogs/sites from any possible attack.

Wordfence Security


Visit Plugin – Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security plugin is being used by more than 200,000 users and most of them are happy with its performance. The plugin easily helps any user to protect the WordPress site right upon installation. It includes an in-built firewall, virus scanner etc. Following are some features of the plugin.

  • Scans core WordPress files that are usually targeted by hackers and attackers.
  • Scans malware signs which are more than 40,000 in number
  • Scans backdoor such as Rootshell, GFS, Sniper etc.
  • Firewall blocks unwanted Googlebots, malicious scans from botnets
  • Totally prevents brute force attacks usually made on the WP Login page.

Those were just some of the good features of the plugin. Visit the plugin, and install it, to check more into it.

Bulletproof Security


Visit Plugin – Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security plugin is widely used by WordPress site owners who have no or little knowledge of the backend of their site, but yet want it to be as protected as possible. Simply put – the plugin protects the blog from almost ANY possible attack that can reach the site by protecting every important file on the server. Files such as the php.ini, wp-config.php, .htaccess etc. are given extreme priority by the plugin because such files are where the hackers and attackers try to inject their code.

The plugin guarantees that the user doesn’t have to do anything once it is installed. Most, if not all, the settings are such that the site will be completely protected without any action required to be taken.

Better WP Security


Visit Plugin – Better WP Security

Better WP Security is also one of the best wordpress security plugins to use. The easy-to-use dashboard of the plugin makes any user happy because there’s nothing really to do in it. All the default settings and options of the plugin are the best for any normal WordPress site. Yet, all the settings are easily customizable to suit the requirements of the users. Following are some of the best features of this plugin.

  • Detects any vulnerabilities within the core WordPress, Theme and Plugin files and automatically fixes the same.
  • Automatically bans troublesome bots and malicious programs injecting the site.
  • Hides or displays a different version of the installations, to trick the hackers.
  • High prevention of brute force attacks. Upon multiple login attempts, the plugin bans the individual IP or all the IPs from a specific hosts (cases where several hackers attack the same site from different places).

Those were some of the great features of the plugin that can definitely protect your site against hackers and website attackers.


Protecting any WordPress site is mandatory to make sure that any hacking attempt by any person around the globe is logged, blocked and prevented in the future. All the above three best free wordpress security plugins can easily do the task.

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