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If you always wanted to convert your site into a mobile-friendly site, then the HandHeld Mobile Plugin by Elegant Themes will surely do that for you. If you’re yet not aware about benefits of having a mobile friendly site, then you must definitely read the linked article. One thing every mobile-friendly site needs to have is beauty and stunning looks – something which this HandHeld Mobile Plugin proudly provides.

Not only does this plugin make it completely easy for you to set up a site within minutes, but also handles the viewers very effectively. Lets look at some of the features of the plugin.

Features – HandHeld Mobile Plugin

Following are all the features of this plugin. Make sure to go through each so that you can decide whether or not to go for the plugin.

Stunning Gallery Section

If preferable, the plugin shows a beautiful gallery section which can contain posts, pages etc. Being a gallery, it obviously has to contain images and therefore it shows a beautiful layer of squared images making it a gorgeous gallery.

Blog Layout And Navigation Menu

You can define the blog layout according to the way you want. If you don’t want to show the comments count, you simply disable it. It also comes with a customizable navigation menu which can be edited for the colors, dropdowns and much more.

Ajax Button For ‘Load More Posts’

When the viewers click on ‘load more’ button to view more posts, the browser doesn’t reload for the same. Being an Ajax query, the button simply shows a ‘buffering’ circle for 2 seconds, and then loads more posts.


Nothing’s much exciting if there’s no money, right? Well this HandHeld Mobile Plugin comes with in-built monetization features allowing you to place ads wherever you prefer. All the major ad networks such as Google Adsense etc. are supported.


The plugin comes with colourization panels. These panels allow you to define a color for every element on the mobile version of the site. Therefore, you can choose the colors that match the ones on your main site – or keep the same colors as you have on the main site!


Being an Elegant Themes product, the plugin is included within the membership. Don’t forget that you get access to all the themes by Elegant Themes. Therefore, following is the pricing.

Included within the Developer Membership – $89 (Download Plugin)


HandHeld Mobile Plugin is pretty effective to create a different mobile friendly site than the others because many use the same free plugins such as WP Touch etc.

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