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Having a mobile-friendly site is always beneficial for any WordPress user (along with other platform users). Obox Mobile plugin for WordPress makes it very easy and outstanding to convert your site into a mobile-friendly site in no time. Apart from just having a mobile-friendly site, one needs to make sure that a user doesn’t have to enter addresses such as ‘m.domain.com‘, therefore a need of a plugin comes into existence which automatically converts the site when viewed on mobile devices.

Obox Mobile WordPress plugin comes with features that will make you wonder, “This much for such a low price!”. Let’s take a look at the features of the plugin.

Features – Obox Mobile WordPress Plugin

As always, following are some of the best features of the plugin. If you want to go through all the features, please visit the plugin’s homepage.

Three Themes

The plugin allows you to choose from a set of three beautifully designed themes, which come out to be astonishing when viewed on mobile devices. The three themes are –

  • MobiLight
  • MobiDark
  • WooMobile (A theme designed by WooThemes’ Co-founder Mark Foresster

All the themes are fully customizable and can be changed in any way the users prefer to do so.

Navigation Menu And Search Bar

You do not need to follow your theme’s default menu. Obox Mobile wordpress plugin has it’s own menu which can completely be customized to math the requirements of the user.

The plugin also provides a search box. Thus, visitors can search for the required content and they shall be presented with the same. It works exactly any search feature would work i.e. through the usage of tags in wordpress.


No fun without some money right? Well, this plugin provides an in-build function where one can insert ads from networks such as Google Adsense, Affiliate Products etc. The placement of the ads is easily customizable as well.

Featured Posts Slider

Obox Mobile WordPress Plugin comes with a completely responsive featured posts slider. Smartphone users with touch screen can slide through the featured posts using their fingers – and it works exactly like that. The slider looks very beautiful because the title of the posts is displayed above the picture on an opaque rectangular box.


Regular License – $50 (Download Plugin)

The plugin has an extended version, which goes out for $250. Developers might require this version – to integrate it within themes or other projects.


Obox Mobile WordPress Plugin is a very efficient plugin to convert any site into a mobile version. Not only does it convert easily, but also allows you to customize every element of the mobile site

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