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OIO Publisher is one plugin that could greatly boost the ‘monetization’ factor on your blog/site. It’s advanced management of advertising space on your blog can be highly compared to that of BuySellAds – just missing out the factor of getting advertisers to view the space. Hence, if you have a blog which gets good amount of traffic, OIO Publisher can be beneficial to you.

Moreover, many users yet get their application rejected by popular services such as BuySell Ads. Having this plugin, one doesn’t need to worry about that because it is almost similar to such services – everything automated. But the exposer to a higher number of advertisers will now depend on the blog owner.

Advertisement doesn’t only end with banners, there are a few more things in there. OIO Publisher allows you to offer Paid Reviews, Text Link Ads along with the primary Banner Ads.

OIO Publisher – Features

Although there are many, here are some key features of the plugin –

Full Automation

Fully automated advertising – Everything from payments to the removal of ads is done automatically. You don’t have to worry about anything. For example, when you do this manually, you might have to remind the advertiser to make the payment but here – it’s automatic,  and yeah, you don’t need to go to your dashboard and delete the ad widget from there – it’s done automatically.

Full Reports

Tracking every impression, every click and probably every other possible tracking option. Not to miss that the reports are sent to the advertisers automatically. The frequency of the reports being sent can be managed accordingly.

Variety Of Advertisements

You’re not just limited to put the banners around your blog – there are many more things! Other things include –

  • Paid Advertisements
  • Text Link Ads
Hence, if your advertisers are looking for other options other than banners – they do have it at your blog. Apart from this, you can also offer your advertisers to design for them a banner as an additional service. So money is what you make it of!

Advantages Of Buying OIO Publisher

There always has to be a reason to buy something, so here are a few –

  • Great support staff and quick solutions provided in the forums.
  • All options and settings explained in the tutorials. And if you’ve got any issue (even a minor one) which you aren’t able to solve, the support staff is there for you!
  • It can be used on as many sites as you own. So now all you need is to develop more and more blogs and sites and get tonnes of traffic to it!
  • Reach new advertisers from the in-built Marketplace.


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To conclude, OIO publisher is a great plugin for those who want to have stress-free management of the advertisement sector on their blog/site and have some amount of traffic being driven to their blog. Effective use of the plugin will be an added advantage for the same.

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