HandHeld Mobile Plugin – Review and Download

If you always wanted to convert your site into a mobile-friendly site, then the HandHeld Mobile Plugin by Elegant Themes will surely do that for you. If you’re yet not aware about benefits of having a mobile friendly site, then you must definitely read the linked article. One thing every mobile-friendly site needs to have is beauty and stunning looks – something which this HandHeld Mobile Plugin proudly provides.

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Obox Mobile WordPress Plugin – Review and Download

Having a mobile-friendly site is always beneficial for any WordPress user (along with other platform users). Obox Mobile plugin for WordPress makes it very easy and outstanding to convert your site into a mobile-friendly site in no time. Apart from just having a mobile-friendly site, one needs to make sure that a user doesn’t have to enter addresses such as ‘m.domain.com‘, therefore a need of a plugin comes into existence which automatically converts the site when viewed on mobile devices.

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3 Best Free WordPress Security Plugins

With the growing technology, it is unquestionable that WordPress is becoming more secure. But this does n’t mean that the professional hackers cannot do anything about it. There are professional and expert hackers out there who’s only job is to mess with popular sites. Even though your site might not be very popular, there are chances that it might be targeted by hackers  as well. If not expert ones, then the beginners.

However, there is something that needs to be done in order to prevent such attacks. Well, with WordPress, the only thing required is to install a plugin. Following are three outstanding free WordPress security plugins that will protect your blogs/sites from any possible attack.

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WP eMember – Review, Demo and Download

*Note – This plugins works better with WP eStore (read the review here) and WP Affiliate Platform (read the review here) as it is integrated with the same to set up a perfect site to sell digital products.

WP eMember is indeed a great membership plugin for WordPress users. The easy-to-use options panel, protection of individual posts, pages, categories and comments just makes it more efficient. WP eMember basically allows the user to create unlimited ‘Membership Levels’ (just like the ones in WordPress i.e. Contributor, Editor etc). Hence, the user then decides to protect the content and other stuff from whatever membership level he/she wants.

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Wishlist Member – Review and Download

Wishlist member is one of those membership plugins that win the hearts of the users. The professional yet easy-to-use features of this plugin run power thousands of membership sites (about 43,853 to be more specific) on the web – and most of those sites are successfully making money with through their members. Therefore, it is definitely proven that this plugin has all the power and features to turn your website into a fully organized membership site within minutes – just as the developers claim it to be.

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s2Member Coupon Codes 2017 – Get Amazing Discounts!

This post is totally about nothing else but s2Member coupon codes. If you’re planning to buy the plugin, these codes will definitely help you to get some amazing discounts! Please make sure you choose only one, as multiple coupon codes are not allowed during checkout.

Also, you are advised to read our review of s2Member Pro by clicking the button below. We have reviewed every major feature of the plugin, therefore you can definitely read it and decide whether or not to go for it. Once you’ve decided, use the follow s2Member coupon codes and enjoy using the plugin and create an amazing membership site!

Review Of s2Member Pro Download s2Member Pro

s2Member Coupon Codes

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