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So you’ve gotten all your premium content set-up, but want to protect it from the free visitors? Then you will surely be interested to invest in s2Member pro. This plugin is a complete solution for handling a fully organized WordPress membership site that you would otherwise require hours of work on a daily basis!

s2member review

This handy plugin makes it utterly easy and flexible plugin not only helps you organize the way you would like to sell your content, but also will drive your more sales (discussed in this review).

The plugin has myriad number of startling jaw-dropping qualities. Mentioned below are the ones which you would love to see. Some of these might not even be in your ‘expectations list’ – but yet they do exist.

Features – s2Member Pro

Mentioned below are the extraordinary functions and features of the plugin. The rest of the astonishing features can be found in details at the plugin’s homepage.

Membership Management

Any WP membership plugins would have this one functionality as the default one – that’s because this is what they’re actually meant for. s2Member Pro possesses a brilliant functionality to handle the membership tasks of your site. It basically integrates with the default WordPress user database, hence not making it difficult at all for you to understand it’s options. Some other features for your members’ handling are as following.

  • Optional registration as free subscribers.
  • Optional custom fields during registration.
  • Shortcodes that can be inserted into pages, which will make a Login/SignUp page.
  • Easy redirections after login.
  • Allowance of creating unlimited paid levels (premium memberships) and much more.

Powerful Content Restriction

Another main reason why you have a membership site is to protect the premium quality content that you would not like to give away for free. This plugin ensures that none of your hard-worked content will be visible to anyone for free, and will be presented beautifully to those who do. Following are the things that can easily be protected from the free members, or the non-members.

  • Pages at an individual level
  • Posts at an individual level
  • Full category protection at an individual level
  • Protection of sitewide content
  • Protection of individual URIs
  • Protection against spammers and hack attacks.

Dominant File Protection

One more thing that can be added to the important things is the bunch of premium files that you have developed (or got developed). These files can be anything such as Docs, Spreadsheets, PDFs, Zip Files, Presentations etc. All such files can now be easily protected by the s2Member.

The file protection is done in a very organized and secure manner. For example – Assume that you have two premium membership levels namely (A) and (B). Now if you have a file which you want to be available only to (B), you can easily get that done. By a few settings within the dashboard, you will restrict all the other members of any other levels to download that file because of two reasons –

  1. It wouldn’t just be seen by any other membership levels as you’ll not make it available on that level’s account page.
  2. Even if someone finds out the encrypted link, they’ll have to enter the username and password of the specified membership level to download the file.

Integration and Support For Paypal Standard & Paypal Pro

It is obvious that you would be charging for the content/information/stuff that you deliver. You would hence like to make payments as easy as possible and the current statistics say that Paypal is the most used online payment system around the globe. This is Paypal standard.

s2Member Pro supports Paypal Pro, which is an amazing service made for high earning business merchants and you could be one of them.

Integration Of Google Checkout And Authorize.Net

The plugin supports other two direct payment options. This is because some countries yet don’t support Paypal, or maybe Paypal doesn’t support them. But however, these are other two options from where the buyer can pay for the membership.

Clickbank Integration (Amazing!)

This plugin supports Clickbank API! This means that when you want to drive immense traffic and sales, you can put up your premium membership site on the Clickbank Marketplace. This will, hence, count all the sales/referrals etc to Clickbank. Needless to say that the affiliate payments, checkouts, fees etc. would all be handled by Clickbank.

Autoresponder Integration

Who doesn’t want their on-site members to be on the list of their Aweber or Mailchimp account? This plugin comes with a system that will automatically add the current members to your email marketing list. All they would require to do is confirm the subscription – which is a must step for any autoresponder service provider.

Affiliate System Integration

If you have an account at iDevAffiliate or ShareASale, then it’s really worth it! That’s because s2Member Pro also supports the integration of those two affiliate services using their professional API. This means that you can have an affiliate program, which will definitely drive you more customers, separately but yet will track all the membership level sales made from the site, and chip the commission accordingly.

Compatible With Forums

The plugin is compatible with a forum plugin called bbPress. This means that once a premium member is all setup with his/her account, the member is automatically registered with the live forum on the site! Therefore, no separate registration for the forums to join the community and pass the opinions or clear the queries if any.


The plugin basically has three licenses, which can all be found at the homepage of the same. Mentioned below are the plans offered.

Free Version – $0 (comes with the basic functionality of the plugin)Single Site License – $69 (Download Here)Multi-Site License – $129

s2Member Pro Coupon

You can use the following coupon which will give you a 15% direct discount from your purchase.


Alternatively, you can find all the s2Member Coupon code at blogger coupon site.


s2Member Pro is certainly a complete solution for any site that needs to be converted to a fully functional and organized membership site that handles everything from payments, registrations, deletion (when expired), recurring payments etc. for the membership levels automatically.

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