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Wishlist member is one of those membership plugins that win the hearts of the users. The professional yet easy-to-use features of this plugin run power thousands of membership sites (about 43,853 to be more specific) on the web – and most of those sites are successfully making money with through their members. Therefore, it is definitely proven that this plugin has all the power and features to turn your website into a fully organized membership site within minutes – just as the developers claim it to be.

Needless to say that the plugin is packed with a tonne of features, but there are some crucial ones that everyone needs to know before deciding on whether or not to purchase it. Hence, following are some of the vital and very important features of the plugin.

Features – WishList Member

As mentioned, following are some of the very important and must-know features of the plugin. All the features can be looked at in detail on the plugin’s homepage.

Unlimited Membership Levels (Free & Premium)

The plugin allows the users to create unlimited number of membership. The memberships can be either paid (premium) or free. The users can easily set different prices for different membership levels. For example, a user might want to create 3 plans namely Bronze, Silver and Gold. That user might want to keep the Bronze plan for free, and charge $20/Mo and $35/Mo for the other two respectively – it can surely be done with the use of Wishlist Member plugin for WordPress.

Complete Content Protection

Every membership site has a reason behind its existence. The main reason is the content , or digital products  such as Themes, eBooks etc. that hold so much value that it needs to be paid for. This plugin helps in the complete protection of ANY content on a site. Be it the post, part of the post, page, part of a page, categories, comment(s) etc.

The protection is decided by the user. For example, the user might want to show ‘Page A) and everything on it (the files etc.) to members who have purchased the Silver plan and more. The plugin then protects the content from any other viewer apart from the authorized.

Easy Payments (with auto-renewals and expirations)

The plugin comfortably integrates with the best and the most used payment gateways such as Paypal, Clickbank, UltraCart, 1ShoppingCart etc. Therefore, the members get a wide range of payment options. Apart from just collecting the payments for the first time, the plugin takes care of getting renewal payments at the specified time i.e. daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

This yet brings down the effort of remembering everything to zero.

Not only does the plugin handle the renewals easily, but also handles the expirations of the membership accounts. For example, if the payment hasn’t been received for ‘account 1′, the membership can directly be cancelled, or be cancelled after the specified time during which the member is notified of the payment issues. Everything automatic.

Autoresponders Integration

To take care of the members, notify them about the updates etc. or just to connect with them – there has to be a platform. Such platforms are known as email marketing platforms that allow the users to send autoresponders, broadcast messages etc. Some of those platforms are Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse, iContact etc. The best part here is that Wishlist Member integrates with all of these platforms! And not only these, but many more.

When the members sign up, they are automatically added to the specified email list. The only thing required to do now is confirm the subscription.


The plugin is currently sold in 2 versions – one being the single site and the other one being the multi-site. The only difference is what the names say – usage on the number of sites.

Single Site License – $97 (Download Plugin)Multi-Site License – $297

Bonuses For The Multi-Site version are as follows.

  • Two membership themes (professional!)
  • The Top 5 Membership Models” Audio
  • “Plugins that Rock” Webinar
  • A set of more than 300 Membership Icons To Use


Wishlist Member plugin is one tool to have a completely organized membership site within minutes. Protecting and charging for content and other files had never been so easy. The price might seem to be a bit high, but it will definitely prove to be worth it provided that the site is perfectly set up.

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