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Before you come to any conclusion, keep in mind that WP AdCenter isn’t just any other advertising plugin. If you feel that your blog is getting many requests for advertisement, or if you have a good amount of traffic that you want to convert into money by making affiliate sales, then you would probably be interested in this plugin. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the features of this plugin.

Features – WP AdCenter

Following are some of the best features of the plugin. If you prefer checking out all the features, please visit the plugin’s homepage.

Automatic Payments and Ad-Banner Submission

Gone are those days when clients had to send an email containing the banners, links and text. With WP Adcenter, the clients are supposed to send the required material and information right along with the payment. The only thing that now requires to be done is the approval which can be done with a single click – and the ad goes live in no time. The following image shows how the client is supposed to submit the required material and information.



Using this plugin, you can create ‘campaigns’ which contain multiple banners displayed at the specified condition. For example, you can have 7 banners in one campaign and rotate the banners for every pageview, or every 3 pageviews, or anything that you prefer. The banners can either be arranged in an order, or be randomized.

3 Ways To Place Ads

The ad campaigns/single ads can be placed within your blog in three different ways. Therefore, you can use the one which suits the requirements. Following are the three ways.

  • Widgets – That can simply be put into the sidebars, footers and sometimes even headers.
  • Shortcodes – If you want to place specific ad campaigns and/or ads within specific posts/pages, you can easily do so with the use of shortcodes. This can be done if one of your pages gets very good traffic on a daily basis.
  • Within Theme Files – If you want to display the ads at a very specific location, you can insert the single line of code provided by WP AdCenter plugin into your theme’s file(s). Please note that you need to be knowing a bit of the backend areas to do this – but it’s not hard.

Detailed Analytics (For Clients As Well)

All the ads and/or ad campaigns are tracked by the plugin’s in-built tracking system. Therefore, every impression, pageview, click etc. is tracked. Furthermore, the stats graph can be downloaded as an image and can also be printed directly from the browser.

Not only is the admin allowed to see the stats, but also the clients at an individual basis. Once the client is approved, an email is sent containing the username-password through which the client can see the statistics only of the self campaign. Therefore, no other stats are shared around the clients.



The plugin has a total of three pricing options, all mentioned below.

Single Site – $49 (Download Plugin)Five Sites – $79Unlimited Sites – $129


WP Adcenter is a helpful plugin for blogs that receive a good amount of traffic, and that which have a potential to attract advertisers in a good number. The plugin does everything automatically – thus the admin just has to ‘approve’ the advertisers.

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