WP eMember – Review, Demo and Download

*Note – This plugins works better with WP eStore (read the review here) and WP Affiliate Platform (read the review here) as it is integrated with the same to set up a perfect site to sell digital products.

WP eMember is indeed a great membership plugin for WordPress users. The easy-to-use options panel, protection of individual posts, pages, categories and comments just makes it more efficient. WP eMember basically allows the user to create unlimited ‘Membership Levels’ (just like the ones in WordPress i.e. Contributor, Editor etc). Hence, the user then decides to protect the content and other stuff from whatever membership level he/she wants.

Here are some basic features of WP eMember –

WP eMember – Features

Here are some of the great features of WP eMember. Remember that these are only a few and rest are all available on the plugin’s homepage, so do check them out there.

Easy Protection

You can now decide to protect individual posts, pages, or a part of the posts and pages from any of your defined membership level. Hence, content protection is now more easier than what you expected…

Secure Downloads

You can now lock any files and can be downloaded only by the specified membership level. Hence, the downloads can now be secured. If someone tries to download a file by the permanent link, they are yet asked for the Username and Password. Hence, all the downloads are just as secure as you always wanted!

Search Engine Friendly

Even though your content maybe hidden from any number of membership levels, everything is indexed by search engines including Google, Bing and all the rest (if you’re indexed).

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate autoresponder services such as Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse etc. Hence, when a user registers on the site as a member, he is automatically added to the mentioned  list and the only thing left now is the confirmation from the user. This can even be done by offering a free download and then getting the user on your list!

Paypal Supported

Offering Paypal subscription? Then you’ve got a great benefit! You can now have users as your members and even make them pay using the subscriptions service on Paypal.

These were just a few great features of the plugin. There are hundreds more! Read all the features of WP eMember.

Why Buy WP eMember?

  • Run a great membership site, easily.
  • Totally free technical support for every question.
  • Integrated with WP eStore and WP Affiliate Program – to run a successful digital products store easily.
  • Easily control subscriptions levels with auto-upgrades, auto-expiration and auto-payments.
The main advantage of buying WP eMember is that when used with the 2 plugins mentioned above, a successful digital store could be run on your WordPress site within very less time.


If bought Individually – $49.95 (Download Here)

If bought In A Package (WP eMember + WP eStore OR WP Affiliate Program) – $79.95

You are advised to buy it as a package, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of the same!


This plugin is a great choice for those who want to run a successful membership site. All it requires is the contribution of time from the user – to understand all it’s wonderful features.

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