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If you already know this plugin by its free version, you definitely need to buy the premium version now! If that statement didn’t convince you, this WP Touch Pro review shall definitely do that. Having a mobile-friendly site is always beneficial, especially in this era of increasing technology where the usage of smartphones is increasing with the population. Thus, the need of a mobile-friendly exists.

This review of WP Touch will discuss its features, and try to convince you as to why should you purchase the premium version.

Features – WP Touch Pro

Following are some of the fabulous features of the plugin, and needless to say that all the other features (big or small) can be found at the plugin’s homepage.

Extremely Comfort Of Use

The plugin comes with a list of a ton of options which make it very comfortable and easy for the user. Almost every option you have on your mind can be edited. Most, if not all, the default settings are set in a way that the users definitely want but nonetheless, the users might have their own choice and they’re totally free to change whatever they want.

Full Monetization

The plugin allowed the site owners to integrate Google Adsense ads into the theme. But with WP Touch Pro ads from networks such Admob Ads (specially made for Mobile ads), Custom affiliate ads or paid ads etc. can easily be integrated. Therefore, making money with your mobile site just got better. Also, the ads can easily be placed wherever the user prefers.

Child Themes

You can actually create ‘child themes’ from the classic theme. This means that you can definitely have a completely unique mobile site provided that you know what you want. If you’ve decided a layout, colors, elements etc. – you’re just a couple of steps away from getting a new child theme for your mobile site, and needless to say that it will be as unique as you’ll make it.

Web App Mode

You read it right! WP Touch Pro allows you to create a web application for your site! If you have a good number of readers, you can offer them a free download of your blog/site’s web application which will immediately update with the blog’s update! The application can have push-notifications which will notify the smartphone owners with a small pop-up message for every new post on the blog – something similar to feedburner.

Full Drop-Down Menus

Gone are those days when the visitors would just navigate from some of the pages on the site. With the support of custom WordPress menus, you can now let your visitors browse on your site like never before. The menus are created from the WordPress Menus which supports 2-3 level dropdowns! All the menu items can be assigned individual icons – making it more stunning!


The premium version of this plugin is sold at three different prices, each having its own advantages. Following is the pricing structure.

Single Site License – $49 (Download Plugin)5 Site License – $99Developer License (unlimited sites) – $199


WP Touch Pro is a plugin that will convert any normal site into a stunning mobile site within minutes. The best part of this plugin is that most of it is already done for you upon installation. All you have to do is to customize it to suit your needs, that is if you want to – otherwise it is all done!

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