Top 3 Best WordPress Membership Plugins in 2017

When the questions is about creating a membership site, many questions come into considerations. That’s because creating a membership site can earn a living for many. Therefore, making the right choices in the beginning itself can prove to be very efficient later on. When the platform being used is WordPress, one definitely needs to make use of plugins to make life easier.

That said, this post discusses three best WordPress membership plugins that can help you create an efficient WordPress membership site within minutes.

What does a membership site need to have, as basics at least? The answers can include – easy sign ups, easy payments, high level of automation, high protection of specified content/files and third-party support (to a good extent). Following are three WordPress membership plugins that you can totally rely upon in order to have a fully functional and organized membership site using WordPress.

s2Member Pro


Trusted by thousands, s2Member Pro is one of the best WordPress membership plugins currently available in the market – apart from the ones who use custom plugins/functionality which are not for sale. If you’re looking to have a membership site that can be setup right upon installation, you should undoubtedly go for s2Member Pro.

Although you can get access to the free version, it is recommended that you go for the Pro version. You can read the review of the plugin, or directly go for the plugin using the links below.

Plugin Review   Download Plugin

Wishlist Member


Another great name in the category of WordPress membership plugins is WishList Member. The developers claim that content protection has never been so easy, and so is file protection. But hold – that’s just one of the most basic features! There are many more exclusive features that you can expect with Wishlist Member.

Such features include – integration with shopping cart platforms such as Clickbank, Paypal etc., partial content display restricted to membership levels, highly automation of member management amongst many others. Use the links below to find more information regarding Wishlist member.

Plugin Review   Download Plugin

WP eMember

WP eMember is one plugin that I personally use on my site of Thesis 2 skins (ThesisLove) and can’t agree more with its high class performance. It’s functioning becomes more powerful when used with the other two partners i.e. WP eStore and WP Affiliate Platform. When used with those two plugins, you can have a fully functioning membership site, and yes – automation is in the air. Use the following sources to either know more about the plugin or simply start using it!

Plugin Review   Download Plugin


Mentioned above are three outstanding membership plugins that can be used to create a very organized membership site using WordPress. You can choose any one, and reviews of all the three mentioned plugins are linked – feel free to read.

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